$STOPELON is the first Cryptomovement against the giants that manipulate the market

It is important to say that I admire Elon Musk. His accomplishments are incredible and make him one of the great innovators of our time. Tesla and Space X are incredible businesses, and the risks taken by this serial entrepreneur to get his big companies out of the ground were admirable.

Elon Musk has become an icon, not only in the business world but also in social networks and mass culture. Elon has, at the moment, more than 56 million followers only on Twitter, participated on 05/08/2021 in one of the most iconic programs of American television, Saturday Night Live, being the main character of the show. Elon is a POP giant and a business giant. And what’s wrong with being successful and pursuing your dreams?

Iconic writer Ayn Rand, now embraced by libertarian thinking, once said in an interview with renowned journalist Mike Wallace — “My morality is based on man’s life as a standard of value, and since man’s mind is his basic means of survival, I hold that if a man wants to live on earth and to live as a human being, he has to hold reason as an absolute, which I mean that he has to hold the reason as his only guide to action and that his must live by the independent judgment of his own mind that his highest moral purpose is the achievement of his own happiness”. Elon pursues his happiness intensively and lives according to his reason and his own judgment and is extremely successful in that regard.

Elon is a powerful man, his image is powerful, his empire guarantees him immense financial power, his words, when came to the public, are heard instantly by millions of people worldwide.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

And there are several times when Elon Musk acted in a non-responsible way and manipulated the financial market, both in the real economy and in the new crypto-economy. A simple search for “Elon Musk market manipulation” returns more than 1.7M results on Google. Elon’s actions caused a profound sense of indignation in countless people around the world. After all, the use of image, prestige, and power to manipulate markets is an extremely harmful attitude for millions of investors.

And among those were some clever developers who had a brilliant idea: to transform indignation into a movement propped up in a negotiable cryptocurrency, $STOPELON (search for stopelon.space on Google). In just over 11 days of life, the crypto has more than 21,500 protesters/investors with a market value of more than 25M DOLLARS! An impressive achievement since the $STOPELON coin can only be traded currently via PancakeSwap (a peer-to-peer transaction platform), not being listed at the moment in any of the exchanges of the new crypto-economy.

The project managers propose is to allow the voice of all people worried about the manipulative attitude of Elon Musk to be heard by him and by other giants who also manipulate the market. The ultimate goal of the movement is to purchase a volume of Tesla shares that will allow them to take control of the company. If we imagine Tesla’s market value this is a practically unattainable target, but nowadays, when millions of people come together with a common goal, incredible things can happen.

Realizing history could be being written, I became one of the initial participants in the $STOPELON community and was impressed by the firm purpose of its members. Protests in the real world are being arranged, and actions in the virtual world are being launched by movement members all the time. And every day more investors/protesters join the cause.

This is something completely new in the crypto world. is necessary to remember that we have seen crazy things in this space taking off before, like meme coins and obscure cryptocurrencies without any basis or meaning.

I’m so curious to see how far this movement will go and how many people will be part of this incredible community. If the project fails, it will undoubtedly be the road that pavement the foundation of other self-financed protest communities in the future. But if on the other hand, the project succeeds, it will send a very strong message to the giants of the market, and perhaps also brings a lot of money in the pocket of its developers and participants.

Regardless of what could happen, the future is here and it will give voice to everyone who wishes to antagonize behaviors and ideas in a way never imagined before. Finally, the giants will listen to the ants.

CEO UMC Tecnologia.